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Software Implementation

CJAG - Software ImplementationLet’s face it, software exists for everything in today’s business world. But which one is the best option for you to use in order to maximize your company’s productivity? CJAG has extensive knowledge in various kinds of software and have helped many different types of businesses with finding the one that is right for them. We do not write the software however, we use industry leading applications for your field of business and cover you from A-Z. It starts with a consultation, implementation, integration, training, continuing back-end management and support so you can concentrate on the core competency of your business and not be bogged down with the time consuming process of data entry. You will be assigned a personal project manager that will be there for you at all times. They are always a simple phone call, text, or email away and will be involved in whatever capacity you need them to be. This unique business solution empowers our clients to reduce costs, increase profitability, improve collaboration, view analytics, reports and much more! This way you can deliver the best product or service to your customers every time.

Some examples of software implementation CJAG has completed and still manages are as follows but not limited to: Box Office Management for State Schools, Agency Management System and Database for Insurance Agencies, Tee-Time Reservation Systems for Golf Courses, GPS Fleet Management for Construction Crews and Technicians, (CRMs) Customer Relation Management Tools for Property Managers, Project Manager Software for many types of businesses, online payment gateways and much more.

These all have the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resources. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it assists in planning, scheduling, job costing, budget management, resource allocation, communication, decision-making, quality management, documentation, e-commerce, etc. Streamline your business today!

Responsive Web Design

CJAG - Web DesignYour website is the hub of your business and it is selling for you 24/7. All businesses must have a strong online presence in today’s digital world and that site must be intelligent, easy to navigate, and responsive. Today, people use a variety of devices to surf the web and all our sites are built to “intelligently respond” to all desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, giving the user a pleasant experience while navigating your site. In the initial consultation your project manager will sit with you and determine your unique business needs and goals and make sure your platform is designed accordingly. We then fill your site with the appropriate content, customs graphics, fresh photography and videos, delivering a modern and functional site that conveys your company’s mission, style, and brand.

We provide monthly hosting with updates, maintenance, and proper security of your site so you can rest easy and concentrate on growing you business and brand.

We build all of our responsive websites on the WordPress platform. If you choose to do so, you can easily update basic information, promotions, and blog posts.

Video Production

CJAG - Video ProductionVideo is the #1 marketing engagement tool available today. 60% of all viewers will watch a video before even reading any text. It is 600% more effective than print and mail-outs combined and they are much more memorable. Your goal as a business is to increase customer conversions and video conversion rates outperform any other marketing content. They have stronger emotional connections, higher retention rates, better email click-throughs, higher engagement and consumer attention rates, and improves your overall SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google and are one and the same company. Its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

Simply put, there is no better marketing tool out there and is still on the rise.

Let CJAG create a custom video library for you and utilize its strength to boost your marketing efforts across the board.

Graphic Design

CJAG - Graphic DesignYour brand is the way your customers perceive you. A good brand takes a well thought out and strategic plan. Good branding increases the value of a company and makes acquiring new customers easier. CJAG takes all this into consideration when designing your site and also in continuing business efforts.

Our job is to communicate your brand to others through visual elements such as images and fonts of different styles, design and complexity. We use all these elements of visual perception to transfer your message to the consumer.

Whether it is for digital or print services, we help you keep consistency when designing any marketing material. Let us create your custom online ads, brochures, menus, and any other promotional material you may need.

Search Engine Optimization

CJAG - SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the technical and methodical process of getting your business found online organically. Search engines, like Google and Bing, have become increasingly sophisticated. Proper SEO techniques help these search engines figure out what your site and its pages are about and how it may be relevant to the user. It’s a pretty detailed process with many contributing factors such as content writing, metadata, keywords, links, images, tags, submissions to the search engines and much more. We focus on appealing to Google’s ever changing algorithms in order to get your business a higher ranking in the online search results.

Take a look at the graph below to see why search results are so important then let CJAG boost your online presence with our SEO package.

Target Marketing

CJAG - Target MarketingTarget Marketing is a very effective digital advertising technique that includes a blend of regular social media posts, paid online ads and campaigns, and email marketing.

Without social media, your web presence and Internet marketing methods are incomplete! Social media presence is a necessary for a strong online presence —Google even has social indicators added into their algorithm for organic rankings.

Ad campaigns through Facebook, Adwords through Google and YouTube are all extremely effective ways to market to your target audience. When set up correctly, you can advertise directly to people who are most likely to use your product or service. You can get even more detailed by setting demographics such as certain cities, regions, zip codes, age and gender. Facebook and Google have amazing backend advertising platforms and allow you to pinpoint exactly who you want to market to by tapping in to potential customers’ browsing patterns and search behavior. So if you are a golf course, you want to advertise to people who like golf. You can also add keywords so when people search these words, your business is ranked toward the top or showed in someones newsfeed. Unlike mail-outs where you may pay to advertise to someone who will never use your type of business, this modern advertising technique lets you market to who and where you want to. In short, paid search and ads gives you, the advertiser, control.

Accompany this with email marketing to potential and previous customers makes for a very effective digital marketing plan. We use the best email marketing platforms to create newsletters, announcements, coupons, and any other promotional material you may need.

Let CJAG start target marketing for you today!

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